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Bathrooms can really be tricky when it comes to proper storage and hiding all the clutter and miscellaneous products used in the bathroom. It can be very difficult to fit everything you need (and want) into a tiny space that seems too small for your things.

We all know that ample storage is needed for beauty products, towels, cleaning supplies, accessories, jewelry and whatever else us humans love to materially possess in our bathrooms. It can be a difficult task to find a way to store all your items while also maintaining a clean and sophisticated bathroom space.

Good thing we have a great and convenient option for extra storage in a smaller sized bathroom.

Comparison Table

Product Name


1. Simple And Sweet

white box

Image Source: Amazon

2. Medicine Mirror

black and white box

Image Source: Amazon

3. Tri-mirrored Galore

trifold mirror

Image Source: Amazon

4. Getting Circular

circular mirror

Image Source: Amazon

5. Traditional Craftsman

mirror with baskets

Image Source: Amazon

6. Kohler Archer

mirror cabinet

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7. Contemporary Wood

wooden mirror

Image Source: Amazon

8. Signature Bastian

rectangular wooden mirror

Image Source: Amazon

9. Rustic Generation

frameless mirror

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10. Elegance Meets Usability

mirror cabinet

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Bathroom Junkies Unite

For real, some days I question the amount of ‘bathroom stuff’ I own. Do I really need three boxes worth of stuff to make it through the day in the life? Well, yes, yes I do. I also need access to all of this said ‘bathroom stuff’ everyday but I only have one drawer in an entire bathroom dedicated to my ‘bathroom stuff?’

How is a person supposed to survive? If you find yourself in the bathroom storage shortage boat, let us sail away together and forget about our storage sorrows. Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but there must be a solution.

What is the solution you ask?

Extra Storage By Way Of A mirror

The solution to your bathroom storage shortage is bathroom mirrors with storage. YES – bathroom mirrors with storage exist. They are literal godsends for those of us graced with small bathroom spaces and not enough room for all the coveted ‘bathroom stuff.’

Bathroom mirrors with storage are so perfect for roommate situations or tiny home situations or just any situation where you could use more space to put your stuff! If you are struggling to feel totally at home in your bathroom, maybe try some innovative and creative ways to add more storage while also increasing your style and design points.

What Is Your Selection?

There are many different types of bathroom mirrors with storage and the choice you make completely comes down to your personal necessities and style. If you are looking for a modern-chic look, maybe an all-mirrored storage unit would be the best for you. If you are looking to appease the more traditional style of storage, maybe something simpler and made of wood is the way to go.

We will now break down our favorite selection of bathroom mirrors with storage, arranged in no particular order or categorization.

Top 10 Bathroom Mirrors With Storage

1. Simple And Sweet

This classic and easy-to-install “Lillangen” Ikea mirror will brighten up your bathroom while also providing a mirror and basic storage. What we love about this mirror is its price, its usability and its aesthetically pleasing demeanor.

The mirror comes in either white or a sleek black/brown and is priced at an affordably. The unit itself offers a built-in towel rack and three shelves. The mirror comes complete with a safety film on its backside, which reduces the risk of injury if the glass were to break by accident.

This Lillangan mirror is ideal for those looking for minimal storage but enough to keep the basics easily accessible. This mirror is also ideal for smaller bathrooms that have limited wall space available for a mirror/storage unit.

2. Medicine Mirror 

black and white box

Image Source: Amazon

This small and sweet medicine mirror is perfect for those who need something small, easy to install and with minimal storage. If you want to keep basic medicines and smaller items inside your bathroom mirror, the “Hemnes” mirror cabinet is for you.

This Ikea shelf is adjustable and features extra heat and impact resistant with a high load-bearing capacity and tempered glass. The Hemnes mirror cabinet comes in black-brown, gray and white so that the mirror can fit any of your color and style needs.

3. Tri-mirrore​​d Galore 

This frameless recessed tri-view bathroom medicine cabinet comes complete with a beveled mirror and enough storage to fit (and hide) all of your bathroom necessities. We love this Pegasus mirror that features an easy install bracket, interior door mirror and adjustable glass shelves.

This surface-mount tri-view bathroom mirror comes with hardware made from rust-free aluminum with mirror back and self-closing hinges that open up to 110 degrees.

Beautiful glass shelves inside the mirror hold all of your precious items with dimensions of 48 inches in width and 26 inches in height. A side kit is included with the product for recess for an easy surface mount but assembly is required.

4. Gettin​​g Circular 

We absolutely love this modern and artsy circular bamboo bathroom mirror with a shelf. This solace wall mount mirror made of woven strand bamboo is on the costlier side of this list, ringing in at a solid $$$, but we believe it is worth every penny.

Awaken the spirit and revive the senses with the fresh beauty of this bamboo bathroom mirror with a shelf. The shelf is made of medium wood for its color and includes the bamboo shelf, solace mirror, French cleat and two wall anchors for installation.

5. Traditional Crafts​​man

This Allen + Roth bathroom mirror with a storage cabinet and cubbies is ideal for those looking for a more traditional and craftsman option for their bathroom mirror with storage. The white or espresso surface mount medicine cabinet provides extra storage space with three individual cubbies for different items.

The hardware offers to adjustable shelves and mirror double doors with beveled edges to create a bright and clean bathroom atmosphere. The shelf sizes in at 24.75-inch and 30.25-inches large.

6. Kohler Archer 

This Kohler Archer rectangle surface/recessed aluminum mirrored medicine cabinet retails for $$ dollars and offers a perfectly capable and spacious bathroom mirror with storage. The cabinet features sleek anodized aluminum glass that creates a stylish complement to your bathroom or powder room.

There are two adjustable glass shelves inside the mirror that allows for a durable place to hold your valuable bathroom necessities. The reversible door can be installed with left or right hinge and includes mounting hardware for surface or recessed installation.

7. Contem​​porary Wood 

This Signature Hardware Teak medicine cabinet is awesome for bigger bathroom spaces where both a mirror and storage space is needed. This 47-inch mirror offers a framed and mirrored teak cabinet with a modern and sleek design.

There are two sliding doors that feature two adjustable shelves inside the cabinet. The Wulan Teak cabinet comes with a variety of finish options including gray wash, light gray, natural wood and whitewash. Create a more modern and contemporary feel with this stylish and amazingly designed medicine cabinet available for $$$.

8. Signature P​​almetto 

rectangular wooden mirror

Image Source: Amazon

This Signature Hardware Palmetto medicine cabinet is such a unique and gorgeous way to outfit your bathroom or powder room. For $$$, this Palmetto medicine cabinet could grace your sleek and sophisticated bathroom space.

The four shelves featured inside this mirrored medicine cabinet are perfect to keep grooming essentials out of sight but within arm’s reach. There are two mirrored doors in a rectangular shape that offer open shelving and soft-close doors.

9. Rustic Rege​​neration  

This rustic but beautiful medicine cabinet from Pottery Barn is such a great option for a bathroom mirror that also features storage. The rustic warmth of this factory furniture creates this Benchwright Medicine Cabinet that costs $$$.

The frame of this durable mirror cabinet is expertly composed of solid pinewood and fitted with a beveled mirror with three adjustable tempered-glass shelves. Professional installation is required for this cabinet, but the final product is totally worth it.

10. Elegance Meets​​ Usability 

This Elegant Home Fashion Neal medicine Cabinet is a wonderful option for those looking for style, affordability and usability in a new bathroom mirror. Featuring a unique design, this surface mount medicine cabinet costs $$.

The tempered glass featured on this mirror creates a safer hang and the mirror features an adjustable interior shelf for extra storage use. The cabinet can be installed without professional help and the hardware comes complete with easy assembly instructions.

The dark espresso finish allows for a modern and sophisticated look to freshen up a bathroom or powder room. The mirror features a grid-work design and beveled molding with a satin Nickel knob.

Mirror, Mirror, Storage Wall

We hope this creative list of bathroom mirrors with storage gives you the inspiration and spark you need to finish or re-invent your bathroom or powder room. Ranging in price there is sure to be a bathroom mirror perfect for your space. Bathroom mirrors with storage are a godsend for smaller spaces or for bathrooms that need just a little more storage room.


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