Reviews for the Three Best Grohe Bathroom Faucets

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Our bathrooms are often the only sanctuaries we have in homes full of kids, pets, and the occasional visiting in-law. And that means our bathrooms need to look and feel exactly how we’d want them to.

If you’re remodeling your master bath or guest bathroom, and we assume you probably are since you’re reading this article, you’ll definitely want to consider a number of factors before you purchase your bathroom plumbing fixtures.

Some of the things you’ll want to consider include types of faucets, and colors and finishes. You’ll also want to examine a variety of brands and models, to make sure you’re getting the perfect option for your home.

To help in the process of finding the right plumbing fixtures, we’ve collected together several Grohe bathroom faucets for you to consider. But before we start into the reviews, let’s look at some of the key factors in how to choose the right faucet to begin with.

Types of Faucets

There are six commonly used bathroom faucet types. The types of faucets that you can choose greatly differ from each other, and often have an effect on the type of sink they work with.

1. Single-Handled Bathroom Faucets

Single-handled faucets use a single handle to control the water flow and temperature of the water coming out of the faucet. The handle is usually found directly atop or behind the spout, though some sinks have the handle placed to one side instead.

Some advantages to single-handled faucets include:

  • Easy for nearly anyone to use, including those with arthritis or difficulty gripping objects.
  • Great for families who’ve got young kids learning to care for themselves. Single-handled faucets make sure kids don’t turn on only hot water, which means they are less likely to get scalded.
  • The longer, usually paddle-shaped handles are easier to turn on with an elbow or wrist when your hands are covered in grime or dirt. That means the handles stay clean longer.
  • They’re easier to adjust to your desired temperature to with quickly, with fewer adjustments.

2. Center Set Bathroom Faucets

Center set faucets are the most common style for faucets. This means that the spout is in the center of the fixture and is usually a single bodied piece.

3. Bridge Bathroom Faucets

Bridge faucets are a bit less common than other styles. The tap is situated up over the surface of the sink and works with two handles for controlling water flow and temperature. The handles are mounted to the surface, and the spout is in the middle. This style is named for the unique bridge-like design.

4. Spread Fit Bathroom Faucets

Spread fit faucets use three separate pieces. These pieces are the spout, and the hot and cold water controls knobs.

5. Sprinkle Bathroom Faucets

The sprinkle faucet has a unique spout shape. While most spouts for bathroom sinks are cylindrical, sprinkle faucets use a rectangular spout instead. Some also refer to this style of faucet as the waterfall style.

6. Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucets

Finally, wall-mounted faucets do as the name indicates. The faucet, including the handles, is mounted to the wall of your bathroom, and connected to the plumbing in the walls. This particular style is especially good for small, tight bathroom spaces where having a smaller sink basin comes in handy.

7. Double-Handled Bathroom Faucets

As the name implies, double-handled faucets have two handles by which you can adjust the flow volume and temperature of the water. This is the most traditional style of bathroom faucet, and may be considered advantageous for two main reasons:

  • Interchangeable knobs
  • Water temperature can be adjusted without altering the flow volume of the water

Bathroom Faucet Finishes and Colors

As you decide on the style of bathroom faucet you want to install, you’ll also want to consider the finish and color of your potential bathroom faucets.

Bathroom faucets designs typically can be found in any of the below colors and finishes, though some may be more difficult to find than others.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

If you like the dark, warm shades, you’ll want to consider the oil-rubbed bronze finish. This black matte finish usually has hints of copper or yellow-bronze accent points.

Wrought Iron

Another elegant black faucet finish is the wrought iron faucet. This has a more metallic finish than the oil-rubbed bronze.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel usually has a bright, reflective, and shiny silver or chrome colored finish.


For those who love the warm, yellow tinted metals, copper is a great option. Copper finishes range from a reddish brown metallic shade to a more orange shade that looks like a new penny.

Chrome Finish

Another shiny, metallic silvery finish is chrome. This particular finish may be polished and shiny, matte, or brushed in texture.


Another yellow-tinted metallic brown shade, bronze is ideal for warmer color schemes. This metal comes in shades that range from a soft metallic yellow-brown to semi-bright copper orange shades.


Gold faucets, of course, add the yellow shine of luxury to any bathroom, and are well suited for French, English country, and other more colonial feeling European styles.


Nickel finishes come in either pearl or brushed textures. This metal comes in varying shades of gray.

Antique Brass

If you prefer for aged shades for your French Colonial, antique brass may be right for you. This finish tends to be an aged yellowy-coppery kind of color, ranging from soft yellows to bright oranges, like pennies.

Polished Brass

Finally, polished brass has a lovely, bright, almost gold-like shade, which may be suitable for a slightly subtler look than a gold finish provides.

Who is Grohe?

As you’re shopping around for the best bathroom faucets, you’re likely to come across the manufacturer called Grohe. This company has been around since 1911, and is known for making sanitary fittings. The company is based out its headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, while their registered office is in Hemer.

The company originated as the Berkenhoff & Paschedag company, located in Hemer, Germany. In 1936, the company was taken over by Friedrich Grohe, who narrowed to focus of the company to sanitary faucets only – meaning bathroom fixtures.

The Grohe company remained a family owned business until 1990. During this time, the company grew, and gained fame, as well as exclusive rights to produce the Moen Mixing Faucet, which uses a single lever to mix both hot and cold water.

Eventually, the company became a public limited company. In 2014, the company became part of the Japanese Lixil Group.

There have been other mergers and acquisitions in the company’s history as well, but none have damaged the quality and reputation of the company that so much of the Mediterranean associates with high-quality bathroom fixtures.

How We Reviewed the Faucets

To find the right Grohe bathroom faucets for your consideration, we looked across a ton of different websites that have real-life customer reviews. We found some of these on Amazon, Home Depot, Faucet Direct,,, and Hayneedle.

We wanted to make sure we had honest, unbiased reviews, so we ignored any that were clearly paid for by retailers, or anything that looked suspicious otherwise.

We then looked at a variety of models that varied from each other enough to note obvious differences from each other. We then looked at the specific ratings of these faucets on the source site –where we found the Grohe bathroom faucets initially – as well as on other sites.

To come up with our star ratings, based on five stars as the absolute best option possible, we averaged the star ratings between each of the sites, and used the average mean of the star ratings.

Finally, we looked through the negatives of reviews, as well as the positives, and ultimately determined which of the Grohe bathroom faucets should make it to our top list.

The Best Grohe Bathroom Faucets

The Grohe bathroom faucets on the following list come in a variety of styles, types and finishes. One or more should suit your preferences and will likely find their way onto your own list of strong possible options for your newly built or remodeled bathroom.

Today, we’re specifically looking at three faucets that come show off the beauty of Grohe’s craftsmanship through varying faucet styles.

First, we’ll examine a spread fit, mid-arc model. Next, we’ll look at a single-handled high-arc faucet. Finally, we’ll look at a mid-arc center-set faucet.

Grohe Bathroom Faucet #1: Tallin 8-Inch Spread Fit Bathroom Faucet

This particular Grohe bathroom faucet comes in either a chrome or brushed nickel finish. The faucet and handles are squarish in shape, with a round spout coming from the bottom of the faucet center, towards the sink.

Tallin model Grohe bathroom faucets work easily in modern style bathrooms, as well as a variety of others, including some Asian styles, Coastal, Eclectic, Mediterranean, Modern, Transitional, or Tropical.

The Grohe Tallin uses SilkMove cartridges for precise, smooth control of flow and temperature, and EcoJoy technology to reduce water consumption without compromising performance of flow.

The faucet is highly dirt and scratch resistant, and is easy to install with any sink that spread fit faucets work in.

This model of faucet from Grohe is also a part of series of bathroom fittings that match, so if you prefer a more coordinated look, you can easily incorporate this style into your bathroom.

The Grohe Tallin comes with a limited lifetime warranty in the U.S.A.

Grohe Bathroom Faucet #2: Concetto Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

The Grohe Concetto single-handled faucets come in either chrome, or brushed nickel finishes. These Grohe bathroom faucets feature SilkMove, for smooth operation as you adjust temperature and water-flow.

The finishes for this faucet are highly scratch and tarnish-resistant, leaving them beautiful for as long as they’re in your bathroom. They come with a limited lifetime warranty from Grohe, as well, which means they’ll be around for a very long time.

The Concetto also employs EcoJoy technology, which means you conserve water and money, but still have effective flow for washing hands.

There are fewer parts for this system, as well, meaning it’s less complicated to install, and usually takes significantly less time and money to do so.

The full faucet height on the Concetto is 11 and 7/6 inches.

Grohe Bathroom Faucet #3: Arden Center-Set Bathroom Faucet

The third style in Grohe bathroom faucets that we wanted to look at were center-set, mid-arc models. The top of the list, with 4.7 out of 5 stars average across multiple retail sites, is the Arden.

The faucet is constructed of solid brass, offering a bright, shining finish in chrome. The finish is corrosion and tarnish resistant and has a limited lifetime warranty.

This faucet is ADA compliant, meaning consumers with disabilities can use this faucet.

The Arden center-set is low lead compliant, and meets WaterSense certification standards, as well, meaning that you won’t use as much water in this faucet as in others.

Like other Grohe faucets, this beauty uses SmoothSilk technology for gentle, smooth movement for both temperature adjustment and flow volume.

Considering Grohe Bathroom Faucets

Ultimately, whatever Grohe bathroom faucets you consider, you’ll find you have a high-quality bathroom fixture. The various styles, finishes, and options can easily be installed, and add elegance to any bathroom.

Before you purchase, though, be sure to examine the different faucet styles and finishes to make sure you’re getting something you really love. Most of us don’t want to spend all the time, money, and effort to redo our bathrooms more than once a decade, so be sure you’re in love with the fixtures you choose.

If you’re on the fence, give yourself several days of looking at your options, re-reading the reviews, and, if possible, feeling and viewing the Grohe bathroom faucets you’re considering in person at a retailer that carries them.

Don’t be shy about asking questions or revisiting the store multiple times before purchasing. You won’t regret taking your time, but you might definitely regret rushing your decision.


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