How to Build a Bathroom Cabinet

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How to Build a Bathroom Cabinet

For those who are into do-it-yourself remodeling, knowing how to build the best bathroom cabinet is a definite must for your toolbelt. By making your own bathroom cabinets, you are able to get exactly what you want to make your bathroom the ideal sanctuary for your family.

We’ve gathered together some ideas for how to upcycle some existing furniture and unique items into bathroom cabinets, as well as a short tutorial on building one yourself.

Building a Bathroom Cabinet

If you’re interested in creating your own custom bathroom cabinet, but have no idea where to start, we are here to help you out. We found a step-by-step guide to help you in building your very own custom bathroom cabinet.

The concept behind this particular vanity is recycling an old dresser. This dresser can be an old forgotten piece of furniture you have had in storage for years, or a piece you spot at a flea market or Salvation Army thrift store.

All you need to do is follow these short, simple instructions, and you will have a new vanity.

A word of caution before we start: While it’s entirely possible to use an older sink with this project, it is suggested that you purchase a brand-new sink instead. Older sinks may be more difficult to find plumbing fixtures for that work correctly.

How to Build Your Own Bathroom Cabinet

1. Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather up your supplies. You’ll need the following items:

  • Dresser
  • Sink
  • Sheet of Formica
  • Jigsaw
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Faucet
  • Wood Glue

2. Determine the Fit

Next, you’ll need to determine exactly how your sink and plumbing will fit into the dresser you’re using for the project. Check and see if the drawers are going to be in the way. If some of them are, you may have to remove the drawer bodies and re-attach the drawer fronts permanently to the dresser body.

3. Remove the Drawers

Once you’ve decided how to approach installing the sink into the dresser, remove the drawers for easier maneuvering during construction.

4. Prep the Formica

Now, take the sheet of Formica, and place it on top of the dresser. Make an outline of the shape of the dresser on the underside of the Formica with your pencil.

5. Cut the Formica

Take your jig saw and carefully cut the Formica according to the shape that you have just outlined in the shape of the dresser top.

6. Remove Excess and Glue

After you finish cutting the Formica, remove the cut excess. Then you will need to use some wood glue to attach the Formica to the top of the dresser.

7. Use Your Sink Template

If the sink you purchased came with a template, you now need to place the sink template on top of the dresser where the sink is going to be. Use your pencil to trace the template onto the Formica.

If you have no sink template, though, there’s a simple solution. Take your sink, turn it upside down and then position it correctly on top of the dresser. Now you will need to trace an outline of the sink onto the Formica.

8. Cut the Formica Again

Now, take your jigsaw and carefully cut out a hole in the dresser through the Formica.

9. Cut a Hole in the Back

Now, using your jigsaw once again, cut a hole in the back of the dresser. This hole is so that you will be able to accommodate and attach the plumbing properly.

10. Move the Bathroom Cabinet

You are now ready to move the new vanity to the bathroom where it will be housed. Get the new bathroom cabinet flush against the wall.

11. Place the Sink

Now, put the new sink in place on top of the bathroom cabinet.

12. Attach the Plumbing

Follow the instructions given with the plumbing pieces, and view some online tutorials to make sure you get the pipes, fixtures, et cetera into place properly.

If you’re not confident in your plumbing skills, it’s perfectly acceptable to call a professional instead, and avoid the risk of flooding or damaging your bathroom in some way.

Finding the Right Bathroom Cabinet to Build

If you’re a bit more adventurous and want to try some other options for your bathroom cabinet, there are things besides dressers, or a traditional wooden cabinet.

For those who are ready to look at specific models that use less conventional things, the website The Balance Every Day has a list of over a dozen different ones.

Cherry Bath

This is a free plan for a bathroom cabinet that’s a Shaker style cabinet. The design includes room for two sinks, four drawers, and two cabinets. And, of course, it’s made from cherry.

Vintage Style Bathroom Vanity

This do it yourself bathroom vanity give you a vintage style. The selling points are faux drawers that are a cabinet and lower shelf storage.

Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

This is designed to be a combination of a rustic pine look with a more contemporary square sink. By design, this vanity can fit in nearly any style of house. Furthermore, it offers you two giant shelves for maximum room in open storage.

Builder Grade Bathroom Cabinet

If you are a beginner to do it yourself cabinet building then this is a great plan for you to choose for your first project. The design for the vanity involves using just one sheet of plywood. The overall design is quite simple and will take next to no time to construct.

Turned Leg

This design is for a 48” wide vanity with a single sink that features store purchased turned legs. One of the great things about this plan is that it is intended for easy customization. It is easy to switch things up and make it larger, put additional sinks int it and use various other legs.

DIY Modern Floating Bathroom Cabinet

This is another great free design for a bathroom vanity. This type of vanity is a floating vanity which has an option to be used as a media console.

DIY Bathroom Vanity

For those looking to construct a vanity that has a lot of storage, this is the one for you. Not only do you get a ton of drawers but you can add a custom look to the cabinets by choosing for the vanity to have one or two sinks.

Spa Bathroom Vanity

This plan is for a large spa-like bathroom vanity made from wood. With an option for two sinks on the top and two large and open lower shelves (great for storing towels and other bathroom necessities), there is a lot to love about this design.

Small DIY Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking for a vanity that not only has character but is designed to comfortably fit into the snuggest of spaces then this is a plan that you cannot miss out on.

Small Bathroom Cabinet

This is a bathroom vanity on the smaller end of the perspective. However, despite its size, it has two cabinet doors which give you a surprising amount of storage for the small space. For those intending to maximize every square inch, there is room for a basket on the lower shelf.

Farmhouse DIY Bathroom Vanity

This farmhouse style bathroom vanity may be a straightforward plan, but you get great results from it. This design is intended for those looking for a vanity that will fit into a small space.

Mission Style Bathroom Vanity

This vanity plan is a mission style that is eight foot long. The vanity itself has enough room to support two sinks, with multiple drawers, cabinets and even some open storage space.

Double Bathroom Vanity

This particular vanity is 32” long which features a double vanity with a center drawer. This drawer will work both under a mount of if you have vessel sinks.

Other Resources

There are many other websites that offer an almost endless number of bathroom cabinets you can build. Here is a list of various resources we found that can help you become a master do it yourself craftsman when it comes to crafting custom bathroom cabinets.

  • If you enjoyed the guide to make a vanity from a cabinet, HGTV has a slightly more advance guide for those wanting to put their skills to the test.
  • A great website to visit for additional plans  and instructions for building is the Spruce Crafts.
  • For those seeking an advanced project that involves creating a walnut cabinet, granite countertops, and raised bins, then check out another guide from HGTV.
  • If you are looking to be inspired, and want some great concepts for your next project, look no further than the DIY Network. This is a list of twenty different recycled vanities that might be the creative solution for your new bathroom cabinet.

Finding the Right DIY Bathroom Cabinet Plan

As you can see, there are a ton of options when it comes to planning and making your own custom bathroom cabinets. Ultimately the only limits are your imagination, budget, and your family’s willingness to put up with frequent indoor construction. Just take a look through the different ideas, skim your nearest flea market, and see what you can find.


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