Repaint Your Bathroom Doors

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Is your bathroom lacking the vibe you want it to? Does your bathroom need a little tender, loving care when it comes to the overall quality and look of your bathroom? Are you ready to spruce up your dull bathroom to make this highly frequented room more exciting, more colorful, and more aesthetically pleasing?

Well, did you select the perfect article for your situation!

We are about to break down bathroom doors 101, specifically, repainting your bathroom doors. Completely change your house and bathroom’s aesthetic by doing something as simple as repainting the door by adding a new color or a fresh coat of paint.

Why Painting Accomplishes so Much

Painting seems like such a small, unimportant task, but when you throw a fresh coat of paint in the proper place, it can literally change everything. A new coat of paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add color, change up or completely renovate a space. Not to mention add overall value to your home or rental space.

If you are looking to revamp any space in your home, painting should always be the first option. It is affordable, does not usually take too much time and can make a space feel completely fresh and brand new.

When was the last time you added fresh paint to space? Probably too long ago or you would not be here reading this. Help us help you by using this guide to assist you in repainting your bathroom doors.

Benefits of Repainting Doors

There are many benefits of a fresh cut of paint. When it comes to any door inside your home, a fresh coat of paint or a brand new paint color can completely morph the feel of your home or the room you are trying to spruce up.

Do not ever underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Simply adding a new coat or a pop of red or blue can revitalize a room and transform the entire space’s feng shui. Repainting something, whether it is a wall, door, or baseboard, can truly metamorphose a dull or tired space.

Doors, walls and ceilings accumulate lots of dust, dirt and grime over time. Doors are usually forgotten pieces of household importance that unkindly are left without cleaning or painting for decades at a time.

Consider giving your doors some paint love before heading down the remodeling route of chaos and disorder. A fresh coat of paint can clean, refresh and leave your space feeling newer and cleaner than ever.

Fresh paint can dramatically and affordably improve the value of your home. People love clean looking rooms with well-protected doors and walls. People especially love clean bathrooms and the door is the entryway to all that is inside. If the bathroom door is dirty and dull, what does the bathroom look like?

Repaint Your Bathroom Doors 101

Repainting can be a simple task that requires a minimum of a few supplies and a determined attitude but repainting doors can be a little trickier. You have to make sure you have specific tools, pay attention to tedious details and make sure you have the patience for the project.

If you follow these detailed and precise steps to repaint your bathroom doors, you will be on your way to lavish and fresh bathroom doors in no time. Doors can be heavy and hard to remove, so it is a lifelong discussion on whether to paint the door while it is on the hinges or to take the door off first, paint and then reinstall.

We will make this decision easy for you by telling you what we have learned. Make repainting bathroom doors the easiest by putting it flat on a pair of sawhorses. By using a pair of sawhorses to make it flat, you can repaint your doors easily and without drip.  Follow the link to find the most efficient way to use sawhorses to assist in your bathroom door painting.

Step by Step to Repaint Bathroom Doors

Follow these step-by-step instructions to repaint your bathroom doors. Remember that every door is different and that things could come up that might not be mentioned here. The key is to maintain patience and determination for projects such as repainting bathroom doors.

1. Sawhorse the Door Flat

For the most foolproof way to repaint bathroom doors unhinge the door and lay it flat on a pair of sawhorses. Make sure to remove all hardware, including doorknobs, hinges, screws and whatever else could prevent the perfect paint job. When you lay the door flat on sawhorses you can spread the paint more quickly and not have to worry about paint drips.

You can also use lag screws to rest the door on and that way it makes it that much easier to paint both sides of the door in one day. If you have longer for your project, you can paint on the side and give it an ample amount of time to dry before flipping to the other side.

2. Clean & Prep

The first step to properly repaint your bathroom door is to clean the door. Scrub the door that will be repainted and make sure you get off all excess dirt and grime that the door has collected throughout the years. If the door calls for it, sand your door using sandpaper.

This is solely dependent on what kind of door you are working with. Use a heavy-duty household cleaner to scrub every inch of the door, especially around the doorknob and handles. Use a sharp stainless steel or carbide scraper to remove any excess paint buildup or grime you are not able to remove with a simple cleaning process.

3. Fill Every Single Hole

If your door has normal wear and tear like most doors do, you will need to fill any abnormalities and holes in the door. People usually assume that new paint will disguise dents and scratches but this is not the truth.

To properly repaint your door, definitely fill dents less than 1/8 inch deep with a spackling compound. For holes deeper than 1/8 inch deep, use a two-part filler or epoxy wood filler. Next up is to prime your door.

4. Prime the Door

Primer is necessary on so many levels when it comes to repainting a door. Primer blocks stains, helps new paint stick well and negates darker colors underneath. The primer also assists in making the topcoat look at smooth and even as possible. When priming, prime the entire door.

Do not spot prime – prime properly and use the right color. If you are covering a color or painting a color other than white, use a gray-tinted primer instead of a white primer. Once you prime the door, you can easily see if you missed any spots while filling holes and scratches. This is your chance to check the door and re-prime any areas you might need to.

5. Sand like There Is No Tomorrow

The key to properly repainting bathroom doors is to sand, sand, sand the night away. For real though, if you have the time and work determination to hand sand your door, do it. This will allow the paint to seal properly and last for years to come.

Even if you are the most meticulous and detail oriented person, you will still find ridges and spots where a few particles of dust might have taken residence. Properly sanding your door after priming and in between paint coats is without a doubt, worth it. You know you have sanded enough when the surface feels super smooth.

6. Use Proper Supplies

When repainting bathroom doors, do not sell yourself short. Buy yourself a special mini roller and avoid using brushes at all costs. Special mini rollers will literally save your life when it comes to repainting bathroom doors. Use special mini rollers to avoid brush marks, brush hairs and overall complications in your painting project.

Be sure to use paint tape if you are not utilizing a sawhorse to paint your door. Blue painter’s tape will also seriously save your life and your patience when it comes to tedious painting projects like bathroom doors.

7. Finish Painting

Paint your door evenly by using a mini roller and always paint at least two coats. This allows for even and smooth painting. Give your freshly painted doors at least two days of dry time before reinstalling or opening/closing them.

Enjoy Your Hard Work

When it comes to home improvement projects, we know first hand they can come with a boatload of frustrations, complications and unforeseen nuances. It can be daunting to tackle a do it yourself project and come out on the side of success.

Repainting bathroom doors can be an extremely affordable and accessible way to revamp or revive a bathroom in your home. Whether you are repainting the white paint that has not been touched in twenty years or adding a bright new yellow to a bathroom door, we hope this guide gave you some sound advice and knowledge you will carry with you throughout your project.

By utilizing sawhorses, buying mini rollers and using painter’s tape, you can increase your chances of repaint success by ten folds. Although we are not there physically, we hope you can hear our undying moral support through the screen by which you are reading this


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